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Business model

In The Core of Our Business Model

We do not afraid to apply a different business model than our competitors. Mental models drive the business models. We change the first things first.

Construction Market

The Market Diagnosis - Our Idea

We acknowledge that the idea "the market is growing (the demand side) and so our business will grow" is patently false. We have to be aware of the supply side of our industry. What if the supply side of our industry (our competitors) has grown more?

Core strategic focus

Our Core Strategic Focus - Our Core Target - Our Advantage - Our Positioning

We don't make money when we provide transportation designs; we make money when we help our clients to make better investment and construction decisions.

Christos Rados

Design Tactics

Concept-and-Design in Transportation Infrastructure Projects - Our Design Tactics

The concept-and-design phase is where the most project value can be gained (or lost). The following seven principles offer the most promising ways to improve performance and financial returns for our clients.



How do we innovate?
Are we prisoners of our shareholders when we try to innovate? Are we prisoners of the CFO orthodoxy? What is our choice in the capitalist’s dilemma?

How do we learn?
Miles Davies was performing a new try every night on the same song. As every jazz musician he was building on the mistakes of others. What it takes to have 10 years experience versus 1 year experience 10 times?


Our Operations

Our operations’ motto is: Semper Gumby.

The world runs in real-time, but contractors in infrastructure projects run in batch. Our teams can rapidly charge up the design-build pipeline and give our clients 'real-time' access to the design product.


Performance-based Transportation Design

Performance-based analysis allows professionals to consider and recommend solutions that are more effective and adaptable to the context of a project than those based on compliance with a nominal dimensional value from a design standard or specification. Geometric design solutions, for example, can be developed, assessed, and advanced based on their support of the desired outcomes for the project.



Our experts are not our engineers.
Our experts are our clients!

The future

The Future - A Hypothesis

Many companies get comfortable doing what they have always done, even when they are implementing incremental changes systematically. But change tends to be revolutionary not evolutionary. Our firm has put some really big bets on the future.

Transportation designing to live and living to transportation design

Transportation designing to live and living to transportation design.

I am designer and engineer: A dangerous half truth.

… come on Christos, you the designers are all the same; you cannot understand our work. We are facing various problems with the designs; they’re causing unexpected delays and we’re losing money. In my opinion there is a lack of professionalism in your industry worldwide… But how is that possible? Designers and contractors we are both engineers after all…

Understanding Clients

Understanding Our Clients & Business Partners

Our clients cannot judge the technical quality of some services even after they have received them. The designing and engineering services are high in credence qualities – characteristics the buyer normally finds hard to evaluate even after consumption. How could someone for example evaluate a technical report on the durability of an existing structure?

What we do

Our Core Production Line - What we do

We deliver non-discretionary designing, engineering and Scrum design management professional services for sustainable transportation projects.

Wicked Problems

Understanding Our Clients' Wicked Problems

It is one thing to think we are generating great designs and services and another thing entirely to have our clients confirm this.