Our Core Purpose - Our Firm's Reason for Being

We, the Racers, are driven by a passionate purpose…
… to change the way that large scale transportation infrastructure projects are designed and built.
    We the Racers want…
  • …to experience the joy of advancing transportation design by fulfilling the basic human need for exchange,
  • …to experience Design for Delight - D4D,
  • …to be a pioneer - not following others.
    We the Racers believe…
  • …to people, ideas and technology - in that order,
  • …to scalable learning over scalable efficiency,
  • …to decisions based on the opportunity cost,
  • …to success, as the product of fast reiteration.

And by the way… we are creating great transportation designs, by understanding and commanding both: what to do to do the work, and what to do to manage the work.

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