At a Glance

Race is a regional boutique firm on transportation design, headquartered in Athens, Greece. We are an independent professional services firm specializing in designing and Scrum design management. We are engaging in PPP and public sector projects in the EMEA region.

Race is positioned to serve large construction and SPV companies with various corporate cultures, who face high project ambiguity.

We are doing our best to earn our clients trust; with an emphasis on the word earn.

We prefer long-term engagements in Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) projects.

Our challenge is to disruptively reduce our clients’ capital investments (money * time) to what is required only.

Our strategy to this challenge is to meet our clients' need for speed - need for informed decisions at the earliest responsible time.

    Our non-discretionary design leadership, to implement this strategy and to deliver an advantage to our clients, focuses on:
  • Spending our imagination ahead clients’ money.
  • Early value delivery and rapid prototyping.
  • Taken into account project assets' whole life costs.
  • Performance-based over criteria-based designs.
  • Design To Value - minimize the elements that drive up costs.
  • Minimal Technical Solution - design to deliver only the necessary requirements.
  • Designing in modules for fast rush-required changes in the design components.
  • Providing Construction Information Management (CIM-ready) content.

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