At a Glance

Race is a regional boutique firm on transportation design, headquartered in Athens, Greece. We are an independent professional services firm specializing in designing and Scrum design management. We are engaging in PPP and public sector projects in the EMEA region.


Our Motto

Drive faster if possible, drive slower if necessary
… and remember, if the car is under control, then you are not driving fast enough.


Our Core Purpose - Our Firm's Reason for Being

We, the Racers, are driven by a passionate purpose…
… to change the way that large scale transportation infrastructure projects are designed and built.


Our Definition of Success

We have learned that the interests of stakeholders are intertwined and interdependent: Success ensues when a virtuous cycle between the value creation for employees, clients, society and owners is produced.


What We Do

We deliver non-discretionary designing, engineering and Scrum design management professional services for sustainable transportation projects.