Our Core Strategic Principle - Our Core Guiding Policies

Our core strategic principle to the great challenge -redesign of the supply chain- is to meet clients’ need for speed - need for informed project decisions at the earliest responsible time.

The world runs in real-time, but contractors in infrastructure projects run in batch. Every few weeks or months they adjust. We ought to put the design data that the contractors use into a big stream and shift through those data the moment they are created and make immediate, incremental adjustments to the construction process.

    Our bet is that:
  • we can rapidly charge up the design-build pipeline,
  • we can give to our clients 'real-time' access to the design process, and,
  • our key rivals will not be able to replicate our fast-release cycle

    Our six guiding policies to implement our strategy:
  1. pursue strategic relationships by partnering with a select number of contractors or SPVs,
  2. use iterative design approach for rapid releases,
  3. increase and share 'real-time' learning (among project team members and the client),
  4. spend imagination ahead clients’ money – fast experimentation,
  5. provide design services, based not on our current designing capabilities, but on how our clients can fall in love with them, and
  6. integrate vertically -to capture the learning of the supply chain.

Our strategic principle forces trade-offs, reduces ambiguity, tests the wisdom of business moves, and sets the boundaries for our experiments

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