Audacious Goal

Our Envisioned Future - Our Audacious Goal and Great Challenge

We are already looking at larger technological issues that are beginning to impact not how we design, but what we design. BIM, data visualization tools and social media are reshaping how the design and construction industries relate to one another in the supply chain. Until we creatively tackle the 20th-century legal, liability and insurance limitations of our industry, our tools will always fall short of maximizing the value that is added through integrated design and construction.

Client Value

Our Strategy for Creating Value: Chain Leadership

What do we bring to the market's party?

Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage Identification

If the price between divisions of our firm (or between local offices with different salary rates and different currency exchange rates) is set at "historic" cost, the profits will show up in the designing activity will give the wrong impression. If for example a local office abroad can achieve lower salaries, than our base office, it will be a grave mistake to consider that the local office has a competitive advantage in transportation design per se.

Market Diagnosis

Market Diagnosis - Our Idea

We acknowledge that the idea "the market is growing (the demand side) and so our business will grow" is patently false. We have to be aware of the supply side of our industry. What if the supply side of our industry (our competitors) has grow more?


Our Core Strategic Focus - Our Core Target - Our Advantage - Our Positioning

We don't make money when we provide transportation designs, we make money when we help our clients to make better investment and construction decisions.

Strategic Principle

Our Core Strategic Principle - Our Core Guiding Policies

Our core strategic principle to the great challenge -redesign of the supply chain- is to meet clients’ need for speed - need for informed project decisions at the earliest responsible time.

The Future

The Future - A Hypothesis

Many companies get comfortable doing what they have always done, even when they are implementing incremental changes systematically. But change tends to be revolutionary not evolutionary. Our firm has put some really big bets on the future.