We, the Racers, are driven by a passionate purpose…
…to change the way that large scale transportation infrastructure projects are designed and built.

  • Race's Golden Circle

    Every organization knows What they do. For an organization, these are the products they sell or the services they offer.
    Some organizations know How they do what they do. They may call it their ‘differentiating value proposition,’ ‘proprietary process’ or ‘unique selling proposition (USP).’ The Hows are an organization’s strengths, values or guiding principles. These are the things they feel set them apart from their competition; the things they think make them special or different from everyone else.
    Very few organizations can clearly articulate Why they do what they do. Why is a purpose, a cause or a belief. It provides a clear answer to the questions, ‘Why do you get out of bed every morning?’ ‘Why does your organization exist?’ and ‘Why should that matter to anyone else?’
    Making money is NOT a Why. Revenues, profits, salaries and other monetary measurements are simply results of what we do.
    The Why is about our contribution to impact and serve others. The Why inspires us.
    Simon Sinek
  • Why does Race exist?
    Why do we leave money on the table?

      We the Racers want…
    • …to experience the joy of advancing transportation design by fulfilling the basic human need for exchange,
    • …to experience Design for Delight - D4D,
    • …to be a pioneer - not following others.
      We the Racers believe…
    • …to people, ideas and technology - in that order,
    • …to scalable learning over scalable efficiency,
    • …to decisions based on the opportunity cost,
    • …to success, as the product of fast reiteration.

    And by the way…
    …we are creating great transportation designs, by understanding and commanding both: what to do to do the work, and what to do to manage the work.

    That’s why Race exists.

  • How does Race differentiate?
    How do we spend our imagination ahead clients’ money?

    At Race we see ourselves as system designers for transportation projects.

    We lead the coordination among the specifications of all the different subsystems (alignment, hydraulics, structures, geotechnical, EMP, ITS), and we are figuring out the interactions and the trade-offs.

    In a system it’s not so much the parts that matter, but how they fit.

    What really improves our designs as a whole, is working not on the different disciplines, but on the interactions between the disciplines.

    We call this attitude Design Leadership.

  • What does Race offer?
    What do we bring to the party?

    We bring to the party a benefit strategy. In common language, we claim to the client: pay us more and you’re better off.

    Our strategy seeks to increase the Willingness to Pay of the clients by reducing their total costs.

    And since we seek to redesign the value chain of the client, we call our strategy Chain Leadership.